Physician Assistant Studies Admissions Requirements

CASPA Application Deadline: September 1

International Students: International Course Credit (pdf)

Applications must be marked VERIFIED by September 1. It may take up to 4 or more weeks from your complete date for your application to be verified.

To be considered for admission to the Physician Assistant Studies (PAS) program, applicants must present official documentation of the following student competencies:

  • GPA
    • Overall GPA Minimum: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
    • Science GPA Minimum: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. (Biology, microbiology, immunology/virology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, and chemistry for undergraduate and graduate courses)
  • GRE
    • All GRE scores must be sent to CASPA using code 0437, even if you are a re-applicant or have already sent the score directly to UTMB. Your name must match exactly on both the GRE and CASPA application.
    • UTMB has no minimum score for GRE. Official GRE scores from ETS deadline is September 1.
  • Prerequisites
    • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university completed by the spring semester prior to matriculation
    • All completed prerequisite courses must be passed with grades of "C" or better.
    • All prerequisite credits and receipt of the bachelor's degree must be completed no later than the spring semester of the year of matriculation. The UTMB PAS program does not accept prior learning experience to fulfill prerequisites and/or professional course work credit.
    • All science courses must be designated for "science majors." Distance learning or online courses are accepted to meet the prerequisite requirements
    • Completed and submitted the CASPA application, official transcripts, and supporting documents on or before the published deadline.
    • Submitted Graduation Record Examination (GRE) scores to CASPA.
    • Paid appropriate fees to CASPA and UTMB.


Total Credit Hours: 47 (50)

Download: Admissions Self-Appraisal Checklist (PDF)

These are the prerequisites required of Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) applicants:

Biological Sciences with Lab8
Microbiology/Bacteriology with Lab3-4*
Genetics without Lab3
Human Anatomy with Lab4
Human Physiology with Lab4
Chemistry with Lab8
Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry with Lab3-4*
Behavioral Sciences6
Medical Terminology2-3

* Note: Only if your institution does not offer a lab with these courses will you be exempt from the lab requirement.

For equivalency info, visit the Texas General Education Core Web Center

Please note the Texas Legislature enacted a "six course withdrawals" limit effective Fall 2007. For more information, see Senate Bill 1231 Drop Policy:

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit your CASPA application. It must be verified by September 1 (11:59 pm EST). Check the CASPA website for information regarding your application status. Report your GRE scores directly to CASPA. Note: Your application will be considered incomplete if there is missing information, including GRE scores, and/or documentation by the published deadlines, and will not be processed due to the volume of applications received.
    • CASPA designations:
      • Submitted: You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your application was submitted.
      • Completed: Your application status menu reads as "Complete/Not Verified".
      • Verified: It may take four (4) weeks for your application to be reviewed from the date it becomes complete
      • Mailed: UTMB Enrollment Services has your application for processing.
  2. Complete and submit your supplemental application once UTMB Enrollment Services receives and processes your CASPA application. Applicants will also need to send payment. Once both are received, applicants will be given a UTMB ID number for access to MyStar.
  3. The UTMB PAS Department will notify all applicants via email when their applications have been received and when the admissions decision has been made. Please allow several weeks for processing.
  4. UTMB has a rolling admissions process; therefore, your application is open until you hear from us with a final decision. If you do not hear from us by December 1, please contact us 409-772-3048 or email to inquire about the status of your application.

Other Information

PAS-Admissions and Application-Other Information

Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Completed 913 955 913 950 1139
Interviewed 249 334 242 369 228
Enrolled 89 89 89 89 88

Topics 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Male 11% 22% 16% 16% 19%
Texas Resident 89% 78% 87% 88% 98%
Mean Age 23 24 24 25 25
Under-represented 21% 18% 28% 26% 48%
Educationally Disadvantaged 13% 46% 14% 22% 28%
Economically Disadvantaged 2% 7% 7% 1% 22%
Post Graduate Degrees 2% 6% 4% 3% 9%

GPA/GRE 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Cumulative GPA 3.53 3.65 3.60 3.65 3.67
Science GPA 3.53 3.58 3.55 3.57 3.62
GRE - Verbal 152 159 155 158 153
GRE - Quantitative 152 158 156 157 153
Areas for your supporting statement on your application include but are not limited to: experiences (medical and otherwise), special and unique talents, honors and accomplishments, work history, community service, extracurricular activities, geographic representation, social and economic background, special personal circumstances (poor grades, etc.), and leadership potential. It is always helpful to include a one to two page resume that highlights your educational, work, and community service experiences with your application.
Three (3) letters of recommendation are required and must be sent directly to CASPA. Please do not send any documents to the PA Department. Professors, college advisors, clinicians, and employers are recommended. Family members cannot provide letters of recommendation.
All entering students must undergo a security background check prior to matriculation. The security background check must be completed after you have been offered acceptance and no more than 60 days prior to your enrollment into the program. Admissions is conditional until a clear background check is received.
BLS or BCLS Certification is required upon enrollment in the program and must be maintained throughout matriculation.

Individual interviews are conducted by program faculty.

Admissions advisement is available for prospective students to the UTMB PAS Department by telephone or email, and we strongly encourage interested persons to attend one of our open houses. Office or walk-in appointments are not available at this time due to schedule constraints.

 PAS Academic Calendar

Download the 2018-19 calendar in Word format.

Download the 2019-20 calendar in Word format.