Liaison Committee on Medical Education

A Message from the Dean ad interim, John Sealy School of Medicine

June 30, 2023

Good afternoon,

I am very pleased to share some great news with our John Sealy School of Medicine community. Following many months of preparation starting in late 2021 and a multi-day site visit in January, our JSSOM has received the following notice from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME):

LCME Determination: Continue full accreditation of the medical education program for an eight year term

Congratulations! This result reflects the fabulous leadership of Dr. Majka Woods and the tremendous efforts of countless individuals across our school. Your hard work was critical to ensuring a successful reaccreditation process, and it continues to be valuable as we strive to continually strengthen the JSSOM and our programs.

We will have a routine status report due on August 15, 2024, to address a few areas, as is normal in this process. Our next full survey visit will be in 2030-31. Thank you for all that you do to help UTMB deliver a high-quality medical education to our students!


Jeffrey L. Susman, MD
Dean ad interim
Senior Associate Dean for Educational Performance
John Sealy School of Medicine

October 12, 2021

Charles P. Mouton MD MSThe University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston presented the official kick off of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education re-accreditation process on October 7, 2021, in an LCME Virtual Town Hall led by Veronica Catanese, MD, MBA, the co-secretary of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). This marked the start of our official reaccreditation process.

In the session, Dr. Catanese discussed the purpose of LCME accreditation, the process and procedures that lead up to the in-person survey visit, and general information about what has been noted of particular issue in recent visits.

Over the next 12 months, we will seek input from a wide body of stakeholders including students, faculty, and staff members, with a focus on the four key components of the accreditation process: completion and review of the Data Collection Instrument (DCI), a faculty-led Institutional Self Study, a student-led Independent Student Analysis, and a culminating survey visit by representatives from the LCME Jan. 23 to 25, 2023.

The re-accreditation process is an opportunity to use the external review, usually on an eight-year cycle, to take an in-depth look at the entire John Sealy School of Medicine to ensure we are adhering to the highest standards set forth in delivering high quality medical education. While the review process is extensive, it provides us with the opportunity to highlight our achievements and set new goals and expectations.

A continuous quality improvement system was put in place after our last visit and has provided ongoing oversight and actions to continue a positive trajectory. Over its lifetime the committee has reviewed all 12 of the LCME standards and 93 individual elements, captured what is going well, and recommended new processes to address areas in need of improvement. As we launch into this re-accreditation year of data collection, we will build on the work that has been completed to date. In the coming days we will be sending announcements and a broad set of invitations to all faculty, staff, and students to consider joining in the work that is still to be done in preparation for our visit.

I am confident that the University of Texas Medical Branch John Sealy School of Medicine faculty, staff, and students will lead us through this re-accreditation process to a survey visit that will highlight all our recent accomplishments and demonstrate all that we have to offer over the next eight years.

Sincerely yours,

Charles P. Mouton, MD, MS, MBA
President ad interim, Provost and Dean, John Sealy School of Medicine
Thomas N. and Gleaves T. James Distinguished Chair

LCME Self-Study Kickoff Virtual Town Hall

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