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UTMB Community Teaching Physicians

UTMB is grateful for all of the physicians across the state of Texas who volunteer to teach UTMB medical students. This page is designed to be an information resource for all UTMB community teaching physicians.

Preceptors serve as a role model teaching and inspiring learners and supporting their progression along the learning trajectory to become a highly qualified, independent physician. UTMB appointed clinical faculty are expected to abide by the UTMB Professionalism Charter and the Statement of Principles for Teacher and Learner Conduct in the Educational Setting.

Preceptors should promote a positive and supportive clinical training environment including the following key characteristics:

  • Create a supportive learning environment.
  • Encourage students to ask questions and adopt a growth mindset.
  • Demonstrate the development of physician-patient relationship and communication.
  • Oversee student orientation.
  • Oversee and coordinate clinical training.
  • Establish and review learning objectives with student.
  • Conduct midpoint review.
  • Submit final student evaluation to site coordinator.

Preceptors should immediately report any concerns regarding student behavior and/or professionalism to UTMB clerkship director(s) and coordinator.

UTMB Community-Based Courses
Search for UTMB courses that require community-based teaching physicians.

Benefits of becoming a UTMB Community Teaching Physician
Most medical student preceptors are volunteers that offer their time to teach medical students within their practices. This link provides information on the perks that UTMB offers to community-based teaching physicians who teach for the Practice of Medicine 1 Course (POM1) and the 3rd year clerkships.

Medicare now allows billing on student notes
A change in Medicare regulations will allow you to use medical student notes for billing. Click this link to learn more.

Faculty Development Modules

The Office of Clinical Education has developed informational presentations on topics in medical education which we hope community-based teaching physicians will find useful. Even if stated in the modules, CME credit is no longer available for these modules. We invite you to review the modules and provide feedback.

If you are interested in becoming a UTMB School of Medicine preceptor, or need information about the courses which utilize community-based preceptors, please contact Brian Sullivan.