Physician Assistant Studies

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The University of Texas Medical Branch’s Physician Assistant Program is a two-year master’s level degree curriculum that recognizes the emerging status of the PA. The clinical year consist of 48 weeks of clinical education divided into four blocks consisting of four-week rotations. With around 90 students per class, we welcome experienced clinicians to teach our students.

Great Reasons to become a UTMB Preceptor

  • Experience the joy of teaching while giving back to the medical profession
  • Earn Category II CME credits as a preceptor
  • Students bring energy and enthusiasm to your practice
  • Students are a great source for future employees and bring PA visibility to your patients

Spotlight on a UTMB PA Preceptor: Dr. Hussein in League City

Where do you practice? League City Family Clinic

How long have you been a UTMB PA Preceptor? I started precepting students in 2018.

What is your favorite thing about being a PA Preceptor?
- Working as a clinician is gratifying and sometimes emotionally challenging. Preceptorship is one way to reconnect a passion for health care.
- My ability to offer positive and negative feedback in a constructive way Preceptorship benefits all participants: the students, patients, and preceptors.

What would you say to other clinicians thinking about becoming a preceptor? Being a preceptor shapes students’ careers by teaching a new generation of students through unique knowledge and experiences.