JSSOM Medical Education You Asked and We Did - Transparency and responsiveness to student complaints of mistreatment


The JSSOM administration takes reports of student mistreatment very seriously. Our goal is to create a supportive learning environment free of mistreatment.

To improve this process and communication, we have taken the following steps:

  1. The mistreatment policy has been revised and shared broadly with faculty, staff, residents, and students.
  2. Avenues for reporting have been expanded and are now stated in the universal syllabi and at the beginning of each course/clerkship. Students also have the opportunity to report mistreatment on end-of-course/clerkship evaluations. Student hangtags summarize reporting mechanisms.
  3. Dr. Levine is in charge of receiving all reports of student mistreatment and assuring appropriate action is taken. She will “close the loop” with the reporting student, but because of a need for due process, details of the investigation and action will often remain confidential.
  4. Dr. Levine will also be reporting summaries of mistreatment allegations and resolutions. She will work with JSSOM administration to continue to improve the reporting and resolution of mistreatment episodes and enhancing the learning environment with the goal of eliminating mistreatment.

We welcome feedback so that we can further improve communication.

Majka B. Woods, PhD
Vice Dean, Academic Affairs