Educational Affairs - Office of Clinical Education

Benefits to UTMB Community Teaching Physicians

UTMB understands the commitment that is required by community teaching physicians that volunteer their time to teach our medical students. We offer several perks to say thank you for the time that physicians donate to UTMB.

UTMB Appointment - UTMB community teaching physicians receive an appointment with UTMB. This without salary (WOS) appointment will give the teaching physician the title of 'Adjunct Assistant Professor' for UTMB. Every teaching physician will receive this title through the appropriate UTMB department. For example, Pediatricians will receive their appointment through UTMB's Department of Pediatrics.

    Here is a description of the UTMB WOS appointment process:

    Step 1: UTMB will send you the following 3 forms to fill out and return with your CV:

      1. Affiliation Letter (needs signature only)
      2. GME Agreement (needs signature only)
      3. WOS Faculty Appointment Form (fill out this very short form)

    We cannot process these forms without a copy of your CV, so please include it when returning the above 3 forms.

    Step 2: The second step is to create an online profile. You will receive two emails during this step. The first email will be from 'UTMB Recruitment' and the subject line will be 'Adjunct Assistant Professor, <Dept. Name> at UTMB Health'. This email verifies that we have received your forms and a copy of your CV. It will provide you with a link to the 'candidate file', but it won't supply you with a username, so please just consider this an email confirming receipt of your appointment forms. The second email will arrive a few minutes later and it will be from 'UTMB Onboarding' and the subject line will be 'Please Acknowledge your Offer!'. This second email will supply the same link to your candidate file and will supply you with a username (a 5 digit number) that you can use to log in and complete your online profile. Since you will not have a password at this point, you will want to click on 'Forgot Your Password' to create a new password. Once you have your username and password, please log in and complete your online candidate profile.

    For instructions on how to create your online profile and e-offer acceptance, please click here.

    For instructions on how to complete your online tasks, please click here.

    Please note that the second email will suggest that you will need to complete a drug screening. As a community teaching faculty, you will not be asked to pass a drug test.

    Step 3: The third and final step is a successful completion of an online criminal background check done through a 3rd party company called PreCheck. After you confirm acceptance and complete your online profile, you will receive an email from '' and the subject line will read, 'UTMB Galveston Screening Services Invitation from PreCheck'.  This third email will have a secure link that reads, 'Please click here to begin your background screening process!'. Use that link to complete your criminal background check.

    Note: This link is time-sensitive! To avoid expiration, please complete the consent/release and provide the requested information for the criminal background check within 48 hours of receipt.

    Once that is done, you will have completed all of the steps we will ask of you to finalize your WOS appointment as a Adjunct Assistant Professor. Once everything has been processed, your UTMB coordinator will email with confirmation of your established appointment.

Cat. II CME - Every hour that a community physician spends teaching UTMB medical students is equivalent to an equal number of Cat. II CME hours. UTMB will send preceptors a letter every August stating the number of teaching hours provided to UTMB. This letter may be presented to self declare the same number of hours for Cat. II CME.

UTMB Moody Medical Library Access - Community Teaching Physicians who teach UTMB medical students are eligible to receive a UTMB username and password to access the online medical resources available through the UTMB Moody Medical Library. If you have interest in obtaining access to these medical resources, please contact Brian Sullivan.

If you have questions about the benefits UTMB offers to Community Teaching Physicians, please contact Brian Sullivan.