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Medical Student Education

The goals of the pediatric experiences in medical school are for students to develop basic skills for caring for infants, children, and adolescents and to establish a foundation for further training in pediatrics. Students learn to appreciate the influence of growth and development on the diagnosis and management of illness. Students also learn how to evaluate the family unit and the child’s environment as part of the child’s total health evaluation.

Pediatric Clerkship (3rd year)

Clerkship Blackboard Course (Listed under SOMy3Clerkship-Pediatrics)

Clerkship Goals and Objectives
Austin Supplement
Primary Care Pediatrics Study Guide
Online Cases (Design a Case)
Online Resources for Pediatric Students

Quizzes to accompany cases can be found in Blackboard

For Clerkship and Preceptor Faculty
Oral Case Presentation Rating Scale
Clinical Reasoning Instrument
Clinical Reasoning Instrument - sample
Clinical Reasoning Instrument - instructions
Early Concern Note


Pedi Ambulatory Community Selective (4th year)

Pedi Ambulatory Community Selective

Physician Healer Track

Physician Healer Track (for any medical student)

Electives/Acting Internships

Students have many choices for 4-week Pediatric electives and acting internships,
at UTMB, Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, and Driscoll Hospital in Corpus Christi.
For the course catalog, link here.

Online Resources

Online Resources for Pediatric Students

Judith L. Rowen, M.D.
Director of Undergraduate Education
Chair, UME Committee
Electives/AI Director

Gayani Silva, M.D.
Clerkship Director
Pedi ACS, Co-Director

Melissa Smith-Phillips, MD
Associate Clerkship Director

Valli Annamalai, M.D.
Clerkship Director, Austin

Virginia Niebuhr, Ph.D.
Director of Educational Technology
Pedi ACS, Co-Director

Tiffany Swain
Clerkship Coordinator
Research Bldg 6, room 3.302
Phone: 409.772.5286