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Faculty Development Facilitator Workshops

The Facilitator Training Workshops are for UTMB faculty members who are expected to facilitate any of the courses in the Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC), or who need an introduction to the general role of a facilitator in problem-based learning (PBL) and other small group activities.

For faculty who serve as PBL facilitators, we offer three sequential training activities.

Introduction to Problem-Based Learning Online Module

This five-lesson online module offers a general overview of problem-based learning and of the process that
takes place in PBL small group discussions. Faculty may assess this module at

Beginning Problem-Based Learning Facilitation Skills

Our Beginning PBL Facilitation Skills Workshop expands on the Introduction to Problem-Based Learning module,
focusing on application and practice of key facilitation skills. Although this course is designed to extend and
refine new facilitators' skills, it can be beneficial to anyone wishing to enhance their facilitation skills within or
outside of the PBL format. New PBL facilitators should complete the Introduction to Problem-Based Learning
online module prior to this workshop so they will already have a basic understanding of the PBL process.

Advanced Facilitator Discussion Group

An Advanced Facilitator Discussion Session is designed for faculty members who are facilitating a PBL group. The
purpose of these discussion sessions is to allow facilitators to come together and share successes and challenges
they have experienced with the goal of exploring solutions to their challenges.

Sessions are offered at the request of the Course Director. Sessions are one hour in length.

Faculty members in the Office of Educational Development (OED) conduct the workshops.

The OED also provides training in general small group facilitation skills as needed for the implementation of
other IMC courses such as Practice of Medicine 1 and 2. Small group facilitation skills workshops are planned
and delivered in collaboration with course directors and coordinators and within the specific context of the

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