Children's Health Service Infectious Disease

Director: Antonella Casola MD

RSV Protection (Synagis) Clinic

In October the RSV Protection (Synagis) Clinic, which is operated by the Infectious Disease faculty of the Department of Pediatrics at UTMB, begins its operations for the winter season. The clinic ceases operations in mid-March. The clinic provides monthly Synagis injections and performs clinical assessment of high-risk infants.

The clinic is run by pediatric infectious disease specialists who are experts in RSV disease and understand proper guidelines for the administration of Synagis. They have conducted clinical trials and performed original research on the pathogenesis of respiratory inflammation caused by RSV.

Children referred to the Synagis Clinic are assessed for any other concurrent acute illnesses to determine eligibility. Close assessment is critical because many children who qualify for Synagis are at high risk for severe respiratory infection, wheezing, and poor weight gain.

The program has been highly successful: The rate of hospitalization due to RSV infection among these high risk children is about 1%, and there have been no deaths due to RSV in the past 6 years.

Referral Process

Please use the patient referral form (download document).
For more information, please CALL 409-772-2798 or FAX 409-747-1753

Indications for Synagis:

  • Premature Babies
  • Congenital Cyanotic and Complex Heart Defects
  • Chronic Lung Diseases
  • Musculoskeletal Deformities affecting Respiration
  • Immunodeficiency