Preemie Clinic

NICU2Our Preemie Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic for high-risk graduates of the NICU . The clinic is held every Tuesday and is located within our Primary Care Pavilion. The clinic is staffed by neonatology faculty, a fellow, OT/PT, dietitian and a psychologist.  We offer a bridge between the NICU and general pediatric care for our fragile and complicated patients.

Preemie Reunion

UTMB hosts an annual reunion for NICU graduates. Each year, children and their families return to the reunion to see the staff who cared for them during their stay.  There are games and refreshments for all families. It is incredibly rewarding to interact with families and see how far along our NICU graduates have come along!

Neonatology Fellowship
Irene C. Dillon
Fellowship Program Coordinator
(409) 772-2815
FAX: (409) 772-0744


Excellence in education is a core value for the Department of Pediatrics.

Our faculty participates in the education of all 240+ UTMB medical students, 42 residents, and fellows in two subspecialty programs. In addition, our faculty provide continuing education and faculty development for over 40 full-time faculty and over 100 community-based faculty and preceptors.

We are proud to be contributing to the present and future health of children and families.

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Providing access to pediatric primary and specialty patient care to serve the health needs of Texas.

We have a long history of collaborative Pedi research in viral infections, cancer, genetics, asthma and more.

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Physician consultations and referring physicians and important in our mission to provide quality healthcare for all Texans.