Stipend and Benefits


Information regarding salaries is available through the UTMB GME

Health Insurance

Medical, dental, and life insurance are provided to all residents, and families can be added at a nominal cost. Vision and accidental death and disability insurance may be also added at a nominal cost.

Retirement Program

All fellows participate in the UT System’s Optional Retirement Program (ORP). Of the fellow’s gross monthly salary, 6.65 percent is deducted for contribution to the ORP, and the state of Texas matches 8.5 percent. Deposits may be withdrawn when the fellow leaves the UT System.

Vacation and Paid Leave

Fellows receive three weeks of vacation yearly. Schedules are arranged to allow for several work-free days for holidays. Paid sick leave and family leave are also available as appropriate.

Education Stipend

Fellows receive an annual educational stipend to further their education. Fellows may utilize this stipend to attend conferences, journal fees for publications, and purchasing of educational materials.

Neonatology Fellowship
Irene C. Dillon
Fellowship Program Coordinator
(409) 772-2815
FAX: (409) 772-0744


Excellence in education is a core value for the Department of Pediatrics.

Our faculty participates in the education of all 240+ UTMB medical students, 42 residents, and fellows in two subspecialty programs. In addition, our faculty provide continuing education and faculty development for over 40 full-time faculty and over 100 community-based faculty and preceptors.

We are proud to be contributing to the present and future health of children and families.

Life in Galveston

Much more than a resort town, Galveston has a long, rich history that matches it's beauty and charm...

Life in Clearlake

Best of both worlds 


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Providing access to pediatric primary and specialty patient care to serve the health needs of Texas.

We have a long history of collaborative Pedi research in viral infections, cancer, genetics, asthma and more.

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Physician consultations and referring physicians and important in our mission to provide quality healthcare for all Texans.