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Associate Program Director
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Residency Program Manager
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Administrative Associate
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COVID-19 Commitment

During the COVID19 pandemic, the UTMB Pediatrics Residency has continued to prioritize patient safety, resident safety, and resident wellness. We have and continue to implement processes and procedures to ensure the safety and wellness of our residents. As the pandemic lessens, we too have relaxed our policies and procedures to return to a state of normalcy.

  • Staff at UTMB are no longer required to masks upon entry to campus buildings but should follow standard precautions related to each individual patient.
  • Patients positive for COVID-19 are placed under specific COVID precautions.
  • All staff are required to be FIT tested annually for N95 masks and trained on proper donning and doffing of PPE.
  • As able, clinical assignments are adjusted to accommodate residents who are most at-risk.
  • Residents with a COVID-19 exposure or symptoms have access to rapid, expedited testing.  UTMB has clear protocols in place for isolation/return to work.
  • Vacation time is protected to ensure resident wellness is maintained.   
  • Resident salaries have not been affected by COVID.

We are in a continual state of reassessment and surveillance of our policies to ensure the health and safety of our trainees.