Osler Readings: Archive

Thank you for your interest in our discussions of the publications related to the life of Sir William Osler and his teaching principles. 

All recorded sessions are available below for viewing. Please scroll down to access the Virtual Summer Series recordings – and check back for updates regarding future sessions.

1. Time Immemorial an Oslerian Perspective on the Past, Present, and Future of Health


Osler, W. (1893). Note on a Remarkable House Epidemic of Typhoid Fever. University Medical Magazine 5. Retrieved from https://digitalcommons.library.tmc.edu/osler/1/

2. Aequanimitas


Aequanimitas: with Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine, by William Osler, H.K. Lewis, 1905, pp. 23–41

3. Care Carefully Series

“Care Carefully.” Osler: Inspirations from a Great Physician, by Charles S. Bryan, Oxford University P3. ress, 2010, pp. 133–160.


a. Part 1: Jessica Stauber, Osler Student Scholar Part 1 in the Care Carefully Series

b. Part 2: Dr. Patricia Beach, Emeritus Osler ScholarPart 2 in the Care Carefully Series

C. Part 3: Dr. C. Joan Richardson, Osler ScholarPart 3 in the Care Carefully Series

4. Hope featuring Dr. Gwyn Richardson (Associate Professor, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at UTMB)

5. Grief and Mortality featuring Dr. Michael H. Malloy, Assistant Dean for the Osler Student Societies and Professor, Division of Neonatology/Dept. of Pediatrics


6. Mountain Climbing

featuring Dr. Lemuel O. Aigbivbalu, Professor, Division of Infectious Disease/Dept. of Pediatrics and Chair, McGovern Academy

and Dr. Harold Pine, Professor, Division of Otolaryngology