Michael and Carol Malloy Osler Student Societies Scholarship FundJohn P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine

The purpose of this scholarship is to support the education and work of a UTMB School of Medicine student who demonstrates active participation in their Osler Student Society during their first year of medical school; demonstrates good scholarship in that first year; and demonstrates interest in the medical humanities. The fund may be used for tuition, books, digital educational resources, and travel.

The recipient will continue to be funded annually for the remaining 3 years of medical school, if they meet the following expectations:

  • remain in good academic standing
  • remain active in the Student Societies, including being a student mentor during their third and fourth year
  • promote Oslerian ideals and the medical humanities during their medical school career

 The eligibility criteria include that the candidate must:

  • be a first-year medical student having satisfactorily completed the standard medical school curriculum through March 1 of their first year
  • have demonstrated an active role in their Osler Student Society as a Coordinator for their Society or proof of active participation
  • demonstrate an active interest in the medical humanities with an essay that expresses this interest and with intention to incorporate medical humanities learning during their medical school career
  • provide letters of recommendation from their Practice of Medicine Year 1 faculty, an Osler Student Society Faculty mentor, and one of their respective Student Society peers

Announcement of the scholarship is sent out on January 1 to all the Osler Student Societies. The application deadline is March 1. Screening of the candidates is accomplished by a panel that includes the Assistant Dean of the Osler Student Societies and an Osler Student Scholar. Selection of the candidate is completed by the end of the first academic year and funding becomes available at the beginning of the student’s second academic year. The recipient is honored at the Annual Willie O’s Dinner in the Fall of the student’s second academic year.

The recipient will provide an annual report of their academic standing and contributions to the societies and the humanities education/promotion that will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean of the Osler Student Societies prior to the subsequent year’s funding.

 The inaugural recipient of the scholarship in 2019 was John Corbyn Cravero, Class of 2022.