Faculty ScholarsJohn P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine

The John P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine was founded to recognize physician faculty who provide highly compassionate care and to encourage the teaching and practice of such care to medical students.   Faculty Osler Scholars have been selected because they exemplify the Oslerian principles of compassion and of humane care in their clinical practices and because they model these qualities in their teaching.  These Scholars are nominated when a call for nominations is made by the President of the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston.  Nominations can be submitted by students, residents, faculty or staff of the UTMB, but not by funded Osler Scholars.  The President chairs the selection committee which consists of the Dean of Medicine, an active Osler Scholar, and an Osler Student Scholar.  Once the committee has reviewed the candidates and has made its selection, the President notifies the newly selected Scholar.  A total of eight (8) faculty Scholars are actively funded at any given time. 

In 2024, nominations are being accepted beginning at 8am, January 29 through 5pm, March 8, 2024.  For additional details, click HERE.  

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