Excellence in Clinical Teaching AwardsJohn P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine

In 2024, up to five (5) faculty will be selected for the Excellence in Clinical Teaching Awards (ECTA).  This award recognizes the fundamental concept, exemplified by Sir William Osler, that the development of outstanding physicians occurs primarily in clinical settings (ambulatory or in-patient).  Each recipient of the award will receive a monetary award for support of his or her professional development and/or teaching programs.


  • Candidates for the award include anyone who is a current full time clinical faculty member in the John Sealy School of Medicine. 
  • The award is based on the individual’s educational philosophy, effort, and product over a minimum of five (5) years of which at least the last three (3) must be at UTMB Health.
  • Individuals selected will not be eligible for repeat nomination for five (5) fiscal years.
    1. 2024 awardees: Drs. Brent C. Kelly, Vijaya L. Murthy, Shawn P. Nishi, Sidra Qureshi and Mukaila Raji
    2. 2023 awardees: Drs. Marie F. Dawlett, Amy L. Gonzalez, Anita C. Mercado and Alexander Perez
    3. 2022 awardees: Drs. L. Maria Belalcazar, Khaled F. Chatila, Hania Kassem, Arsalan Saleem and Lindsay K. Sonstein
    4. 2021 awardees: Drs. John C. Hagedorn, II, Andrew G. Lee, Jennifer R. Raley, David Reynoso and Beth M. Teegarden


The following attributes are used to define excellence in clinical teaching:

  1. Demonstrates patient-centered focus of excellent teaching and care;
  2. Serves as a role model of care and compassion of learners and patients and exemplifies professional behavior; shows respect for the learner, patient, and other health care providers;
  3. Demonstrates enthusiasm and enjoyment;
  4. Demonstrates inquisitiveness and values inquiry;
  5. Creates an enjoyable, challenging, and “safe” learning environment;
  6. Sets high, but obtainable, standards;
  7. Assists in the development of clinical skills, including patient history, physical exam, procedures, and clinical reasoning;
  8. Integrates basic science with clinical care;
  9. Demonstrates patience;
  10. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability; is open-minded;
  11. Provides useful and relevant feedback;
  12. Demonstrates teamwork and multi-disciplinary care;
  13. Is genuine.

Selection Process: The selection committee consists of two (2) Osler Scholars (who will serve as Chair and Chair-elect), Chair of the Academy of Master Teachers, a clerkship director, a program director and an Osler Student Scholar.

Nomination Process: Nominations can come from students, house staff, faculty and staff and must include a statement no more than 250 words in length describing how the candidate exemplifies excellence in clinical teaching. (Current Osler Scholars are not eligible.)  Letters of nomination should be addressed to the John P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine and sent to 8.208 Rebecca Sealy, Route 0162, or electronically to  The deadline for nominations is 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 29, 2023. 

Bestowal: The recipients will be presented on July 12, 2024 during the 23rd annual Osler Oration.