The John P. McGovern Posthumous Award in Oslerian MedicineJohn P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine

Ortho Hosp and Infirmary for Nerv Diseases 1887

Eligibility: Candidates for the award include anyone who was a UTMB School of Medicine alumnus or completed their residency, a fellowship, or spent time as a faculty member for >5 years during their lifetime.

Criteria: To be selected, a candidate must have both modeled in his or her practice and teaching and fostered in his or her students the following qualities:

  1. A clear sense of personal and professional goals and priorities;
  2. Intellectual honesty, modesty, and generosity;
  3. Respect for the past combined with a habit of living fully in the present;
  4. A commitment to care of the sick and relief of suffering;
  5. Affection for and goodwill toward others, especially patients and students, and an ability to express this affection and goodwill appropriately and inspiringly;
  6. Imagination and innovation in teaching;
  7. Social consciousness;
  8. Community involvement;
  9. A passion for aesthetic, interpersonal, and creative pursuits; and
  10. Recognition of life’s spiritual dimension. 

Selection Process: The selection will be made by the McGovern Academy’s current Osler Scholars, who will assess nominees for their longstanding and distinguished careers of service in four (4) categories:

  1. Combining scientific principles with humane practice in his/her clinical  care and being committed to the relief of patients’ suffering;
  2. Displaying imaginative, innovative, and inspirational teaching;
  3. Displaying exemplary personal attributes: honesty, modesty, generosity, affection, a respect for the past, spirituality and passion for aesthetic and creative pursuits; and
  4. Displaying social consciousness and community involvement.

Recipients for this award may be proposed by current or emeritus Scholars up to once per year.  The recipient will be honored during the March Osler Club.  Family or next-of-kin must be present to receive the award.

Past Recipient 2020: 
Dr. Tung Van Dinh (1931-2003)

Dr. Tung Van Dinh

Past Recipient 2018: 
Dr. Keith Bly (1967-2015)

KBly photo