René Laënnec SocietyJohn P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine

Acting through the ideals of professionalism, integrity, & compassion; we strive to listen and learn from others while also caring for our own well-being. Just as Rene Laennec, inventor of the stethoscope, listened to his patient's hearts, we listen to the needs of our community and colleagues.

FAC WAC Competition

FAC WAC is an annual fundraising event sponsored by the René Laennec Osler Student Society. It is an academic competition between two teams of faculty vs. students. Students ask the teams questions about anatomy, science, pop culture, and anything else! “Who’s Anatomically Correct?” All proceeds benefit St. Vincent's Clinic.


René Laënnec

Rene Laennec (1781-1826) was a French physician known as the "Father of Auscultation" for his invention of the stethoscope and for perfecting the art of chest examination, but also for his service and commitment to improving medicine. He created many medical terms used today and provided descriptions of pulmonary conditions and related symptoms. He is an epitome of a true clinician serving as a role model to physicians in servicing the patient, professionalism, and an ongoing quest for knowledge. Ironically, he died of tuberculosis in 1826.

A Way of Life

The vision of the Osler Student Societies is to provide developing physicians insight into "A Way of Life", described by Sir William Osler, not through formal lecture, but through the guidance of mentors in contact with students within and outside their academic setting.