Sir William Osler's Name That Book CompetitionJohn P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine


In 2010 Greg Valentine, Osler Student Scholar class of 2012, and Sean Paschall, Osler Student Scholar class of 2013 launched "Sir William Osler's Name That Book" program for third and fourth grade Galveston elementary school students. The program strives to instill a passion for self-directed learning through reading and mentoring from medical students.

With support from the Galveston Independent School District, every week medical students would go out to each school and worked with the students to read the 35 books for the competition. The program culminated in a district wide competition in which teams competed to "Name That Book" from quotes pulled from the books they had been reading with their mentors. The winning team has the honor of having their school's name engraved on a traveling trophy.


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