Master of Physician Assistant Studies Curriculum

The Master of Physician Assistant Studies begins annually in the summer semester, and is divided into approximately 52 semester hours (12 months) followed by 54 semester hours (14 months) of clinical experiences. All new students begin classes in July.

Year One: Preclinical

Year One Total: 52 Credits and 54 Credits with Global Health elective

July - August
SummerPHAS 5211Intro to Health Professions2
SummerPHAS 5212Health Promotion & Preventative Medicine2
SummerPHAS 5410Diagnostic Medicine I4
SummerPHAS 5213Behavioral Medicine2
SummerPHAS 5216Foundations of Medical Education2
Total: 12
August - December
FallPHAS 5208Clinical Pharmacology I2
FallPHAS 5311Pathophysiologic Processes I3
FallPHAS 5407Clinical Medicine I4
FallPHAS 5411Diagnostic Medicine II4
FallPHAS 5503Human Anatomy5
FallPHAS 5099Global Health(1)
Total: 18 (19)
January - May
SpringPHAS 5113Cross Cultural Health1
SpringPHAS 5209Clinical Pharmacology II2
SpringPHAS 5312Pathophysiologic Processes II3
SpringPHAS 5408Clinical Medicine II4
SpringPHAS 5504Diagnostic Medicine III5
SpringPHAS 5099Global Health(1)
SpringPHAS 5114Community Medicine I1
Total: 16 (17)
May - June
SummerPHAS 5214Community Medicine2
SummerPHAS 5215Applied Research2
SummerPHAS 5313Clinical Preparation3
SummerPHAS 5115 Community Medicine II1
Total: 6

Year Two: Clinical

Year Two Total: 54 Credits

June - June
Clinical Year
PHAS 6407Medicine I4
Clinical YearPHAS 6408Medicine II4
Clinical YearPHAS 6409Medicine III4
Clinical YearPHAS 6433Primary Care4
Clinical YearPHAS 6432Behavioral Health
Clinical YearPHAS 6434Primary Care Subspecialty4
Clinical YearPHAS 6430Children's Health
Clinical YearPHAS 6431Women's Health
Clinical YearPHAS 6435Emergency Medicine
Clinical YearPHAS 6436General Surgery
Clinical YearPHAS 6437Surgery/Emergency Medicine Subspecialties4
Clinical YearPHAS 6090Elective Rotation4
Clinical YearPHAS 6102Advanced Professional Practice I (Block 2)1

Total: 49

July - August
SummerPHAS 6103Advanced Professional Practice II 1
SummerPHAS 6211Investigative Studies2
Summer PHAS 6412Advanced Professional Practice III
Total: 5

Total Degree Plan Credits: 106 credits and 108 with Global Health elective