Fiscal PoliciesJohn P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A1: How do I purchase products/services and get reimbursed?
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  1. Prior approval must be obtained through the Academy to avoid not being reimbursed for personal expenditures. Purchase Orders should be used if at all possible.
  2. Be advised, Texas state sales taxes cannot be reimbursed for these types of expenditures (with the exception of online purchases). That said:
  3. All orders for books, office supplies, medical supplies/apparatus, lab equipment, electronic equipment, vaccines, medication, etc. must be ordered through the Academy. Contact Leanne Green (409) 747-9685 or, who can assist you with this process.
  4. The Academy procurement credit card (P-card) may be used for other miscellaneous items purchased from Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Target, etc. P-card must be obtained from the Academy office with additional instructions to follow.
  5. The purchase of electronic equipment or a medical apparatus ≥ $500.00/item is prohibited.
  6. Any personal reimbursements will take the form of either a check mailed to your home address or direct deposit. Each student declares their preference with Enrollment Services during SOM orientation
A2: Can I make purchases on-line and get reimbursed?
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  1. Before any online purchase is made, check with the McGovern Academy office for using the procurement card or to make sure the expense is reimbursable. If an online purchase is made, your receipt must show proof of payment. If it does not, you must provide a copy of your bank statement showing the transaction was charged to your account. The statement also must include your name and at least the last 4-digits of your account number. Submit original or scanned receipts to Ms. Green.
  2. Students will be reimbursed for sales tax (if paid out-of-pocket) on online purchases only.
  3. Please have online purchases shipped directly to the McGovern Academy offices using the following address: UTMB-McGovern Academy, 301 University Blvd., Galveston, TX 77555-0162.
  4. The McGovern Academy can only make direct purchases if the supplier is in the UTMB Vendor Database or if the requestor is willing to manage the application process.
  5. Any personal reimbursements will take the form of either a check mailed to your home address or direct deposit. Each student declares their preference with Enrollment Services during SOM orientation.
A3: How do I set up a direct bill with a local restaurant?
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  1. All food/drink orders should be direct billed if possible. No food purchases/reimbursements for anyone attending online meetings.
  2. RSVP's must be collected prior to placing a pick-up or delivery order. The list of RSVP's should be forwarded to Ms. Green prior to the event, as well as a sign-in sheet verifying the number of attendees afterward. This does not apply to orders being placed simultaneously by a group patronizing a restaurant.
  3. For groups patronizing a restaurant, a sign-in sheet at the time of the event must be forwarded to Ms. Green following the event.
  4. The McGovern Academy will cover the tab for one (1) alcoholic drink per person. Any additional amount will be at the individual's own expense. The number of attendees evident on the sign-in sheet will verify the maximum number of drinks permitted on your tab.
  5. Groups attending a social/dinner at a local UTMB approved establishment will be allowed an expenditure up to < $60.00/person. This amount includes food, drinks, tax, and gratuity.
  6. When planning formal dinners you must work with restaurant management on a proposed menu based on your number of attendees and your budgeted amount. The restaurant proposal, along with the estimated RSVP count, should be forwarded to Ms.Green ( one week prior to the event. Restaurant Banquet Event Orders should NOT be signed by students or faculty. Please forward to Ms. Green for appropriate signatures by the UTMB Purchasing Dept.
  7. There is no comprehensive list of restaurants that direct bill to UTMB. If your desired venue is not listed, please check with Ms. Green in the Academy office. Below is a list of places that the Academy frequently does business with:
    • BLVD Seafood
    • Brews Brothers
    • Chick-Fil-A (on-campus)
    • Einstein Bagels (on-campus)
    • Fisherman's Wharf
    • Gaido's Seafood Restaurant
    • Galveston Island Brewery
    • Gypsy Joynt
    • Hey Mikey's Ice Cream
    • Jimmy John's
    • Kritikos Grill (Greek)
    • Lolo Kai Smoothies & Wraps
    • Maceo Spice & Import Co.
    • Mario's Seawall Italian & Pizzeria
    • Mod Coffeehouse
    • Mosquito Café
    • Riondo's Ristorante (Italian)
    • Russo's NY Pizzeria
    • Salt Water Grill
    • Schlotzsky's
    • Sky Bar Steak & Sushi
    • Smooth Tony's
    • Stuttgarden Tavern
    • Sunflower Bakery
    • Taquilo's TexMex
    • The Original Mexican Café
    • Trattoria La Vigna (Italian)
    • The Spot
    • Yaga's
    • Yamato's Japanese Restaurant
  8. If the establishment you prefer does not direct bill but is willing to go through the process, then it is the student's responsibility to have the management complete a UTMB Vendor Application which can be submitted to Ms. Green upon completion so they can be added to the vendor database.
  9. If the establishment you prefer does not direct bill and they are not willing to go through the process, then an individual must pay the tab upfront and submit the ORIGINAL receipt (along with the aforementioned RSVP/sign-in sheets) for reimbursement purposes.
  10. Once an establishment is decided upon, please contact the management to determine what they specifically require for the direct bill process (eg., an authorization letter.) Ms. Green can work with you to provide the necessary paperwork.
  11. Be advised, UTMB will only reimburse a maximum of 20% on gratuity. Any amount over 20% will be the responsibility of the student.
  12. Your reimbursement will take the form of either a check mailed to your home address or direct deposit. Each student declares their preference with Enrollment Services during SOM orientation.
  13. For your holiday and formal dinners, please consider the UTMB-owned Sealy Mansion (Open Gates Conference Center), located at 24th & Sealy, a beautiful Victorian venue for private dining which also includes AV/conference capabilities. The facility can be reserved through the Academy office. You may see further details at UTMB Special Use Facilities. Meals are provided by UTMB Catering.
A4: Can I purchase gift cards/certificates?
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  1. The purchase of gift cards/certificates is prohibited. In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code, gift cards/certificates are equivalent to cash. Failure to comply with the intent of the Internal Revenue Code could result in UTMB incurring substantial tax and penalty assessments in the event of an IRS audit. As per Provost Administration, the Office of Institutional Compliance and UTMB’s Legal Affairs, the purchase of gift cards is not an endowment appropriate expense. Similarly, UTMB is prohibited from donating funds to another governmental or private entity.
  2. All gift cards/certificates must be donated from a source external to UTMB.
  3. Any donated gift cards that have not been distributed will be kept in the McGovern Academy offices to ensure proper security and to protect from theft and loss.
  4. Prizes, gifts and awards in the form of cash or gift certificates, regardless of dollar value, are taxable.
A5: Can the Academy make a monetary donation to a non-profit organization or student group?
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  1. It is unlawful for the McGovern Academy, or its subsidiaries, to make a monetary donation to an individual or organization. Tangibles, however, can be purchased by an individual on their behalf.
  2. The purchase of electronic equipment or medical apparatus ≥ $500.00/item is prohibited.
  3. Your reimbursement will take the form of either a check mailed to your home address or direct deposit. Each student declares their preference with Enrollment Services during SOM orientation.
A6: What if a vendor asks me to sign a contract?
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  1. All contracts must be reviewed and approved by UTMB's Department of Legal Affairs or the Department of Purchasing. Students, faculty, nor staff can enter into a legally binding agreement on behalf of the UTMB. If you are asked to sign a contract while working with a vendor when organizing an activity, please forward to Ms. Green as soon as possible.
A7: Can raffles be offered during a UTMB sponsored activity?
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  1. Please be aware that "raffles" are not permitted by the institution. You may, however, offer "door prizes" that are presented to anyone in attendance by a drawing, but no purchase of a ticket for a "raffle" is allowed. Donations to gain access to an event are acceptable, but you cannot ask someone to purchase a ticket for a "raffle." Gift items purchased as a door prize cannot exceed $50.00 in value.
A8: How can I get T-shirts printed?
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  1. Because UTMB is funding the purchase and they are being worn to represent a group affiliated with the institution, the design must be approved by the UTMB Marketing Department. The use of any UTMB logos on apparel is prohibited. Please forward the design templates to Ms. Green so she can assist you with this process.
  2. Once design approval is obtained, Ms. Green will assist in placing the order with one of the local companies that direct bill to UTMB:
    1. Top Gear Apparel: (409) 766-7571, Tom Vaughn,
    2. Breeze Way Custom Screen Printing: (409) 741-5444 or (409)256-1006, Jesse Salinas,
  3. They will forward the invoice electronically to Ms. Green, or mail to: UTMB McGovern Academy, 301 University Blvd., Galveston, TX. 77555-0162.
  4. When complete, send a confirmation via email to Ms. Green notifying her that you received the correct number of shirts ordered & the work was done to your satisfaction
  5. T-shirt orders must be in place by May 1st in order for the printing process and billing to be completed by the end of the fiscal year.
A9: How do I purchase items at the UTMB bookstore and have them charged to the Academy?
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  1. Contact the bookstore and ask them to email Ms. Green a quote for the items and quantities of each you wish to purchase. (These prices will be different from those you will find on the shelves.)
  2. Once this information is obtained, a purchase order will be generated and you will be contacted when the items are ready to be picked up.
A10: How do I get reimbursed for travel expenses?
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  1. Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, all UTMB travel, both domestic and international, is suspended until further notice.
  2. If your travel took place prior to the pandemic and you have questions regarding your travel reimbursement, please contact the McGovern Academy office,